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Prepaid & Stored Value SIG
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25th April 2018

Office Space in Town, 2-6 Boundary Row, London SE1 8HP

Date: 25th April 2018

Time: 9:30 - 16:30

Prepaid & Stored Value SIG

Next Wednesday’s Prepaid & Stored Value SIG will see speakers gathered from all corners of the Prepaid world and content that has been carefully curated to provide what will be a very informative day, discussing the life of various stakeholders in the prepaid sector. Prepaid has often been unfairly pigeonholed in the recent past as a specialist payments method and over-looked by large corporations. This has changed over recent years and there is much to write home about, with the prepaid sector seeking to bridge into more mainstream payment channels with the advent of PSD2. 


10:00–10:15 Introduction and Welcome

                     Paul Rodgers – Chairman, Vendorcom

10:15-10:45 Prepaid; Setting the Scene

                     Clive Williams – Director, Prepaid Consultancy Services

This is about setting the scene for the day and not intended to be a deep-dive session - more of a helicopter view. Clive will offer his views and some perspectives on the Prepaid sector and the different types and applications that Prepaid presents. Clive is a freelance Payment Industry Consultant.

10:45-11:20 Prepaid Innovation Around the World

                     Suresh Vaghjiani – Manging Director, GPS

The focus for Suresh's session will be to explore and go on a journey around the World to see how Prepaid is driving innovation and what can be learnt from GPS' travels around the globe. Suresh's knowledge and experiences have earned him genuine Industry respect, as well as many airmiles...!

11:20-11:50 Coffee and Tea Break

11:50-12:25 Issuing Models

                     Noel Smith – Business Development Director, Transact Payments

Noel has been in the Financial Services sector for nearly 15 years and has a huge knowledge of the business. Noel will focus on the Issuing side of Prepaid and discuss the stages for setting up and managing a Prepaid Program. Noel has a good sense of humour, as he supports Newcastle United FC.

12:25-13:00 The World of Prepaid and Wearables

                     Phil Campbell - Founder, Kerv Wearables

Phil really is 'King of the Ring' - he has established KERV WEARABLES as one of the most desirable wearable payment devices in the market today. KERV WEARABLES leverages Prepaid and has global ambitions. Phil will enlighten us with an overview of wearable payment devices.

13:00-13:45 Lunch

13:45-14:25 How to add real value to Prepaid Thorough Loyalty

                     John Norrie - CEO, Tranxactor Technologies

John is the Founder and CEO of Tranxactor and may have to be in New Zealand on 25 April, as Tranxactor is a major Service Provider in ASPAC. If this is the case Tranxactor will be represented by the Business Development team, Joseph Bamford and Robert Wright, who will discuss the link between Prepaid and Loyalty and will demonstrate a real-life scenario showcasing the opportunities.

14:25-15:00 New Cloud-based Solutions in Payments

                     Paul Love Twelves – General Manager, Open Payment Cloud

Paul's experience in the payments sector spans 20 years and he has recently joined Open Payments Cloud (OPC) as General Manager to bring this exciting proposition to market. OPC is a platform for creating, publishing, deploying and running secure and compliant payment solutions, bringing together entrepreneurs, developers and FI's to collaborate and innovate in payment services in a lean iterative fashion. OPC is targeting an order of magnitude reduction in cost and speed to market for new programmes to be measured in days not months.

15:00-15:35 How Prepaid is used in the Incentive Industry

                    Jonathan Grey – Founder and CEO, Ovation Incentives

Jonathan has been in the Incentive and Marketing business for many years - founding Ovation in 2001. Jonathan is also President of the Incentive Marketing Association in Europe and will discuss the use of Prepaid in his business

15:35-16:10 FinTech Un-plugged - BIN of Confusion 'live' podcast recording

                    Suresh Vaghjiani – Managing Director, GPS

                    Robert Courtneidge – CEO, Moorwand

You know Suresh by now and of course many of you will know Robert. Robert has been a fountain of knowledge for all things Legal within the Industry for years. Robert, who can usually be seen coming from miles away due to his brightly coloured shirts, is now bringing his deep expertise in law and compliance to his new role as CEO of BIN sponsor Moorwand. This session will feature a live recording of FinTech Unplugged, the informative and entertaining podcast hosted by Robert and Suresh where the audience submit challenging questions via the BIN of Confusion.

16:10-16:30 Final Thoughts and Closing Remarks


                    Paul Rodgers – Chariman, Vendorcom

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